Kane LPI Solutions becomes Kane Solutions as part of brand refresh

Over the last 20 years, Kane LPI Solutions has grown and adapted to the needs and demands of the market, and, more importantly, the needs of our customer. The simple reason for this is because, albeit a cliché, your success is our success. And as any good business knows, success is sustained by adaptation. We identify what works and what doesn’t; what remains constant and what will improve. Even if silent or subtle, we are adapting to be the best we can be, for you.

After many years, we have decided now is the time to be a make a little more noise about who we’ve become and can create an outward image that more accurately reflects the organization that we are.

Today, we are launching a Kane brand refresh, with a new logo and the voice to match. Additionally, we have decided that ‘LPI’ has served its time, and we will be retiring that part of our brand name, becoming Kane Solutions. As our partner, we wanted you to be one of the first to know.

Our reinvigorated brand now more accurately embodies the uncomplicated, modern and professional identity of Kane Solutions. Through this refresh we hope to promote our long-standing mission more clearly and effectively, which is –

To provide innovative custom solutions, built to empower our clients to achieve their market goals.


Our commitment to you remains unchanged. Each day our team and IMS system will continue to meet your needs and deliver the highest levels of service. We will just do so with a new look that better reflects that.